Consultancy Services

Threats ranging from global terrorism to workplace violence have forced companies and institutions to take a closer look at their security programs. APC brings innovation to the field of security consulting by employing a proven risk reduction methodology to aid its clients in the development and establishment of effective and cost-efficient security measures. In assessing clients’ needs, we dedicate our attention to ensuring that prudent security decisions are based on a thorough analysis of current conditions and that recommendations are appropriate to the level of threat. Further, we develop and provide training on a full scope of security policies and procedures to enable our clients to be prepared for such matters as emergency management, business continuity and other security matters.


  • Designing a comprehensive and thorough security master plan that is based on level of threat and includes operational, physical and logical security solutions and proven measures of protection
  • Developing written security policies and procedures for an extensive range of business processes, incidents and situational scenarios
  • Making informed decisions when procuring security systems and equipment to ensure that devices:
    Integrate to maximize efficiency and optimize system capabilities
    Represent the best in current technology and security offerings
    Are expandable and offer the ability to add-on additional system devices as needed
  • Obtaining independent, expert security advice when needed, without hiring a security manager and requisite security staff

Range of Services

APC's scope of security consulting services include:

  • Threat Analyses and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Master Plan Development
  • Design Basis Threat Analysis and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Police & Public Safety Consulting Services
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • All Hazards Reviews and Plans
  • Operational Readiness Assessments
  • Emergency Preparedness Services
  • Security Systems Evaluations
  • Integrated Security Systems Design and Implementation
  • Security Policies & Procedures Development
  • Family & Individual Evacuation and Emergency Planning


  • Comprehensive security consulting services provided by established professionals with extensive field experience and industry-recognized certifications
  • Security experts that develop proactive, multi-disciplined approaches using proven methodologies to facilitate rapid response to changing threat conditions and to help guarantee operational continuity during and after a serious a crisis
  • A diversified client base which ensures that all clients receive composite security solutions rooted in demonstrated and verified strategies and practices

Decision Making

  • Independent security advice and recommendations that are not influenced by compensation or remuneration from security system manufacturers or system integrators
  • Security recommendations that take into account and evaluate whether security systems or personnel are more cost-effective in meeting client security objectives
  • Practical solutions based on foresight and extensive experience providing security assessments and recommendations to diverse clientele