Security Equipments

digital recording

Digital Recording:

The DVMRe Triplex combines a digital video multiplexer and a leading-edge technology digital video recorder in one unit. It records video from up to 16 cameras and single-channel audio to its internal hard drive.

Discreet Cameras

Discreet Cameras:

Ultra Line discreet cameras are styled to blend easily into any environment - so owners can maintain a friendly, comfortable atmosphere while the surveillance system provides the security they need.

Cardax Door Readers

Cardax Door Readers:

Cardax offers a variety of Door Readers utilising proximity, magstripe and smartcard technology to complement all Cardax security systems.

Glassbreak  Vibration Sensors

Glassbreak & Vibration Sensors:

The GE Interlogix Glass break and Vibration Sensors give reliable detection and false-alarm immunity.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors:

The GE Interlogix Motion Sensors incorporate a full line of high performance intrusion detection products